For the twelfth consecutive year, Playground is offering a platform to artists who are not bound by one specific discipline but who work at the intersection of the performing and visual arts. The pro- gramme of this unique arts festival combines performance, installation, film, architecture, sculpture, and choreography in provocative performances that blend objects and bodies. Playground is also a mecca for experimentation. Many of the works that you will see here have never been exhibited or performed before.

Playground follows various artists in the development of their experimental artistic practice, often across several editions of the festival. A number of artists will be coming back to the festival again this year. For example, we are presenting new live work by Emily Mast and Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa. Grace Schwindt is devising infiltrations in the M collection and buren is performing new work at STUK. This year, Michael Portnoy and Benjamin Seror are collaborating with Diederik Peeters. And Clédat & Petitpierre will likewise be joining us again, with a project that they have tailored to children as part of Children’s Arts Day.