Bosse Provoost & Ezra Veldhuis


"Let us live without daylight if we can avoid death that way.’ (I think she was afraid of death.) ‘No,’ said the other, ‘we will receive both daylight and death.’ And since these words were spoken, they also became reality. There was light and joy and death."

- Inuït story

In SUN-SET, Ezra Veldhuis, Oshin Albrecht and Bosse Provoost go on a quest for a cosmogonic moment: the origin of something out of nothing, ‘the birth of a world.’ Light often plays a central and ambiguous role in stories about the origin of the cosmos. Light reveals, and yet is simultaneously invisible. When we consider how darkness is always hidden behind the light, it becomes all the more incomprehensible. And the dark that we think we see turns out to be a colour camouflaged in shadow.

SUN-SET is an intimate performance using scenography, light and poetic juxtapositions to depict things from the threshold of our imagination and beyond: light, death, nothingness, a glimpse of a god. Such a futile enterprise can only result in bastard-worlds populated by blind-seers and sphinxes.

SUN-SET will premiere in Antwerp on 6 February 2020. At Playground, Ezra Veldhuis, Oshin Albrecht and Bosse Provoost present a first version after six weeks of work.

Ezra Veldhuis and Bosse Provoost
Oshin Albrecht, Bosse Provoost and Ezra Veldhuis
Sound design
Benjamin Cools
Sébastien Hendrickx
Toneelhuis, Kraagsteen
Playground (STUK & M Leuven)
with support by
Gouvernement, Kunstencentrum BUDA, de School van Gaasbeek, Kaap en tax shelter maatregel v/d belgische federale overheid, casa kafka pictures tax shelter empowered by belfius
  • Fri 15 Nov
  • 20:15 - 20:55
  • Sat 16 Nov
  • 20:15 - 20:55


STUK Labozaal







Extra info

The performance is not suitable for people with epilepsy, claustrophobia or fear of darkness.