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Diederik Peeters (BE) & special guests Michael Portnoy (US) & Benjamin Seror (FR)

Forgotten Futures

The link between science and magic, between technology and the occult, has been Diederik Peeters’ field of interest for sometime. For this experiment he invites Michael Portnoy and Benjamin Seror into a 19th-century optical illusion that was once used to conjure ghosts. The trio tries to remember a forgotten future. Alchemical storytelling, absurdist science fiction, a few figments of the imagination, and maybe even a touch of melancholy.

Extra: from 17/10 to 16/12 STUKcafé shows Diederik Peeters' expo Traces of Apparitions in collaboration with Cas-co.

by and with
Diederik Peeters
in collaboration with
Michael Portnoy, Benjamin Seror & Henri-Emmanuel Doublier
Marion Le Guerroué
an associated production by
SPIN & L’Amicale
with the support of
The Flemish Community
  • Thu 15 Nov
  • 20:00 - 20:30
  • Thu 15 Nov
  • 22:00 - 22:30


STUK Labozaal