Sun 20 Nov 16 . 14:30 - 17:30

For this birthday edition, Playground launched a call to several art schools in Belgium and abroad that have visited Playground in the past 10 years. A number of current and former students presented a project tailored for Playground.

Sun 20 Nov 16 . 19:00

We are remixers. We are thieves.
And then there’s natural selection.

We pick up where the last human has left it.
We are in the business of making it our own.
We are repectable thieves.

17 - 20 November

Elma is a site-specific audio piece made for the museum space at M.

17 - 20 November

A pathologist examines the body of a woman whose own organs demonstrate their confusion and misunderstanding of her suicide.

19 - 20 November

Advertising photography plays on our desires.

19 - 20 November

In one more thing, Benjamin Verdonck unpacks a miniature theatre from a suitcase.

17 - 20 November

Stored away under the flickering tube lights of a faculty basement, a silent crowd of replica Greco-Roman statues awaits chance visitors, while they digest their improbable biographies marked by fire, migration, fragmentation and disrepair.

19 - 20 November

A man has been found dead and his identity is unknown.

Sat 19 Nov 16 . 20:00

After his absurdist game show 27 Gnosis in 2013, Michael Portnoy is bringing his new performance to Playground.

17 - 19 November

In this new work Paul Hendrikse investigates what happens when everyday poses and gestures are taken out of their original context. Procedures For Underground is a movement archive that exists

17 - 19 November

In Anna Barham’s live production reading groups, meaning proliferates from the physical surface of language - the sound, rh

Fri 18 Nov 16 . 20:00

In this choreographic installation, black industrial materials and a human figure continually transform, though sometimes almost imperceptibly, while they influence one another.

Fri 18 Nov 16 . 17:00

From Bruegel to Leonardo to Panamarenko. Flying is a popular theme in art.

Thu 17 Nov 16 . 21:30

How can movement be turned into a language?

17 Nov 2016, 17:00 & 21:00

Through the voices, bodies and actions of four performers, the lives of two characters, Peter and Mary, and their domestic wo