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Zhana Ivanova (BG/NL)

In Royalty, a pre-recorded male voice recounts a seemingly significant occurrence. There is a man, another man and a third man. The men receive a briefing in advance, and in the performance they do their best to keep up with the voice’s words. In her performance works, Zhana Ivanova frequently creates conditions in which social and power relations are intended to fluctuate. The roles are continuously shifting and distinctions fade. What we see and what we hear falls in and out of sync. Within a state of destabilised perception, seeking a truth is a reflex response. 

voice Michael Blass | performers Jaime Llopis, Benno Steinegger, Stefaan Cleiren | sound design Natalia Dominguez Rangel | dramaturgical advice Konstantina Georgelou | creative producer Maaike Gouwenberg | assistance Lot Meijers | special thanks Orion Maxted, Alex Zakkas, Gerindo Kamid Kartadinata | with support of Playground (STUK & M, Leuven) | Mondriaan Fonds, Ellen de Bruijne Projects

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Fri 17 Nov 201712:00
Fri 17 Nov 201714:00

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