Sutures, Suspens and Syncope

© Suspendue © Agnès Geoffray

Sutures, Suspens and Syncope

Agnès Geoffray (FR)

For Playground, Agnès Geoffray presents two works. In the video Sutures, photos follow and flow into one another, vying for attention to challenge our gaze. The images come from collections or are made by Geoffray and appear as if in a hypnotic trip. In the performance Suspens and Syncope, actions such as fainting, spasms, or levitation are summoned through slow, broken movements. We see them in a fixed sequence between light and dark, evoking Eadweard Muybridge’s ‘chronophotographs’. 

concept & directed Agnès Geoffray | performers Suspens and Syncope Mordjane Mira, Selwan Cherfi

STUK Soetezaal
Thu 16 Nov 201721:30
Fri 17 Nov 201721:30


Duration: 35'