A Breath cycle

© Fabrice Samyn

A Breath cycle

Fabrice Samyn (BE)

A Breath cycle is a variable and varied collection of performances about breathing. All creations depart from the same protocol: guidelines for performers and audiences, handed out at the start of the performance. For this premiere, Fabrice Samyn selected seven performances: Light’s Threshold, Being Cloud, Undressing Time, The Womb, The Blink of the Night, The Breath Border and Vanity’s Ballroom. Or, using the protocol’s terminology: Breath Pieces 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Be enraptured by this vibrant and wordless representation of breathing.

Light’s Threshold
Performers Kristina Neirynck & Angela De Roover 

Being Cloud
Performer Ibrahim Tamditi

Undressing Time
Concept, choreography & performance Manon Santkin & Fabrice Samyn

Vanity’s Ballroom
Musical director Adrian Kurth | Choreographic assistance Manon Santkin | Performers Julie Laporte, Nelle Hens, Maïté Jeannolin, Yasmine Youcef, Ivan Fatjo, Kevin Fay, Cassiel Gaube, Yoann Bondo, Brandon Likoyo & Emmanuelle Phuon

The Womb
Performers Emmanuel Murenguko, Lemuel Quiroga, Demir Berisha, Tatyana Dimitrova Petrova, Timur Magomedgadzhiev, Ahsene Anis, Kaya Freeman, Bram Droulers, Eleni Tzanavalou, Vita Ivanek | Costume design Eva Velazquez & Fabrice Samyn | Sculptures Fabrice Samyn | Production Hiros with the support of de Vlaamse Gemeenschap | Thanks to François Pintus, Marion Denné, STUK, Kaaitheater & été 78 | Graphic design Fabrice Samyn with Miriam Hempel www.daretoknow.co.uk

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