La Eterna

© Bruno Dubner

La Eterna

Dora Garcia (ES)

Creating a situation in which documentary appears to be fiction, whereby everyday behaviour becomes a performance, speaking becomes an action, and camera shots look unique, as though every detail were entirely composed. In such a situation, the participants automatically become characters discussing the dénouement of the story in which they are themselves performing.

This was the pitch for the performance La Eterna. Just a few days in advance, the extras receive simple directions for their roles to partake in group discussions and individual conversations in the reading room of the university library. While some participants are instructed to lead the conversations, everyone is asked to take an active role.

Open call: would you like to participate in this performance/film? All languages welcome, preparation is not necessary. You can partake for as much time as you would like. Contact the producer before 1 Nov for more information.