one more thing

© Benjamin Verdonck

one more thing

Benjamin Verdonck (BE)

In one more thing, Benjamin Verdonck unpacks a miniature theatre from a suitcase. Based on a line from Il diavolo sulle colline (The Devil in the Hills) by Italian author Cesare Pavese, he uses passing letters to assemble a graphic-abstract fantasy about the relativity of things. This one-square-metre raree show transforms into a mobile and musi- cal miniature performance for fifteen people – in as many minutes. A musician creates the soundtrack for each performance. 

In collaboration with 30CC | concept and performance Benjamin Verdonck | Production Toneelhuis KVS 

Museum M
Sat 19 Nov 201615:30
Sat 19 Nov 201616:15
Sat 19 Nov 201617:00
Sun 20 Nov 201615:30
Sun 20 Nov 201616:15
Sun 20 Nov 201617:00


Reservation: bezoekm@leuven.

Duration: 15min