Tamam Shud

© Tamam Shud, Alex Cecchetti 2016 – CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw Photo: Bartosz Górka

Tamam Shud

Alex Cecchetti (IT)

A man has been found dead and his identity is unknown. The label from his clothes, his fingerprints, his shoe size, none of it can be used to identify him. His only connection with the rest of the world is a small scrap of paper hidden in a secret pocket sewn into his trousers. It contains the last words of a Persian poem: Tamam Shud. In an alternative tour, with storytelling, stand-up comedy and opera, Alex Cecchetti wanders around the museum halls looking for his identity. Cecchetti’s intimate performances use exceptional stories that the audi- ence experiences both mentally and physically. 

with singers Wanda Franek and Michał Sławecki

Museum M
Sat 19 Nov 201615:00
Sun 20 Nov 201615:00

Price: M-ticket

 Reservation: bezoekm@leuven.be

Duration: 90min