Don’t Wind it up, Turn it on

© Marge Monko

Don’t Wind it up, Turn it on

Marge Monko (EST)

Advertising photography plays on our desires. The performance is inspired by wrist watch print ads depicting male and female hands. The visual language of these advertising photos are carefully composed and contain implications to love, desire and luxury. During the performance, a male and a female actor read headlines of advertising copies of wrist watch ads from the 1970s and 1980s, and re-enact the compositions of hands used in these ads, presented to the viewers through live projection. Marge Monko’s collection of photos and attributes are on display at M throughout the festival, and will be activated for several short performances. Marge Monko’s work explores historical images, habits and customs.  

Museum M
Sat 19 Nov 201612:00
Sat 19 Nov 201617:00
Sun 20 Nov 201612:00
Sun 20 Nov 201617:00


Duration: 15min