A sentence can be ours and ours

© Anna Barham

A sentence can be ours and ours

Anna Barham (UK)

In Anna Barham’s live production reading groups, meaning proliferates from the physical surface of language - the sound, rhythm & cadence of the voice. The audience is invited to join a circle of readers where a text repeatedly mutates through the participants’ readings and speech recognition software, slipping from version to version over several hours until it falls apart. Syntax and meaning ebb and flow in the unpunctuated blocks output by the software so that each reader must ‘re-author’ the text in order to perform it. The work extends Barham’s concerns with the subjectivities created as language passes between different bodies and technologies. 

Museum M
Thu 17 Nov 201618:00-20:00
Fri 18 Nov 201614:00-17:00
Sat 19 Nov 201614:00-17:00


Duration: ongoing