Ivana Müller (I'M'Company)


fr 4 & sa 5 nov 11 (14u, 15u, 16u & 17u) . STUK Verbeeckzaal
STUK Verbeeckzaal

Partituur is Ivana Müller’s first project for children. It is a performative game for participants from age 7, a social choreography in which everybody participates. The roles of participants constantly shift and everybody takes part in the creation of a unique “score”. During Partituur, all participants get a set of headphones through which they can hear instructions and suggestions that will help them create the show together. They also get “time” to observe the others, position themselves, play by or against the rules.

For everyone aged 7 and older. This project is part of 30CC’s Rode Hond.

Concept and development Ivana Müller in cooperation with Jefta van Dinther and Sarah van Lamsweerde Production I’M’Company in coproduction with Tweetakt Festival Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten Nl


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